JUST 25 YEARS AGO, Egg Harbor was largely a pass-through town, a pit stop for tourists headed deeper into Door County. It wasn’t a destination town. It wasn’t where you planned to spend a day wandering through shops or leisurely sipping coffee with friends. It was, perhaps, happenstance that led you there. Or the need to stretch and stop for a quick view of the water before heading up the peninsula.

But the village’s residents—and particularly its business owners—had bigger dreams for their small community.

In the following years, the village not only grew, it thrived. It became the place of festivals, the home of tiny pocket parks with magnificent views of the water, the place where visitors could shop, bike, hike, dine and vacation. And as the town blossomed, so did its businesses and its businesswomen.

Here are just a few stories from Egg Harbor’s entrepreneurs.



Blacksmith Clothing